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Marquee Dayclub Guest List

Marquee Dayclub guest list

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The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ladies -or- Gentlemen w/ Equal Ladies

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Marquee Dayclub’s Dress Code:

Want a simple tip to stay within dress code at Marquee Dayclub? Just dress like you’re going to a pool! It’s as easy as that. Wear swim attire (bathing suits, bikinis, board shorts, etc) and not street clothes (three piece suits, cargo shorts, etc).


How To Get To Marquee Dayclub:

Located inside of The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino (3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd), Marquee Dayclub is attached directly to Marquee Nightclub, which is accessible on the second floor of the resort’s restaurant area. Simply make your way to an escalator (there are two, either will get you there), go to the second level and follow signage to Marquee.


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Photos Of Marquee Dayclub:

Marquee Dayclub

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