Free Direct Nightclub Host Contacts works directly with every major Las Vegas Nightclub and Dayclub. If you would like to inquire about bottle service or have further questions, simply message a host directly by selecting a venue below. Read our guide about Las Vegas nightclub hosts.


nightclub host contacts Contacts

ChateauRobert Montero CONTACT
Jewel NightclubJared Bernados CONTACT
Intrigue NightclubJohnathan Droubi CONTACT
The BankCharlie Harris CONTACT
Drai's NightclubRyan Rearden CONTACT
Drai's AfterhoursZane Weber CONTACT
HakkasanTyler Harris CONTACT
Hyde BellagioAnup Patel CONTACT
Light NightclubBrad Thomas CONTACT
Marquee NightclubCliff Orr CONTACT
Omnia NightclubJeff Tomastik CONTACT
SurrenderJonathan Droubi CONTACT
Tao NightclubKolton Chournos CONTACT
XS NightclubJohnathan Droubi CONTACT
Lavo BrunchKolton Chournos CONTACT

Dayclub Host Contacts Contacts

LiquidDarren Berg CONTACT
Bare PoolJim Pikus CONTACT
Daylight Beach ClubKris Morahan CONTACT
Drai's Beach ClubRyan Rearden CONTACT
Encore Beach ClubJohnathan Droubi CONTACT
Marquee DayclubDerrick Runtas CONTACT
RehabChris Coletta CONTACT
Tao BeachCraig DiPietro CONTACT
Wet RepublicLind Walter CONTACT

Bachelorette Contacts Contacts

Hyde BellagioKelly Kusumi CONTACT
Drai's NightclubRyan Rearden CONTACT

NIghtclub Guestlist Sign Up Contacts

1 OakAvailable Now SIGN UP
Chateau NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Drai's NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
HakkasanAvailable Now SIGN UP
Hyde BellagioAvailable Now SIGN UP
Intrigue NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Jewel NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Light NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Marquee NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Omnia NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Surrender NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Tao NightclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
The BankAvailable Now SIGN UP
XS NIghtclubAvailable Now SIGN UP

Dayclub Guestlist Sign Up Contacts

Bare PoolAvailable Now SIGN UP
Daylight Beach ClubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Drai's Beach ClubAvailable Now SIGN UP
Encore Beach ClubAvailable Now SIGN UP
LiquidAvailable Now SIGN UP
Marquee DayclubAvailable Now SIGN UP
RehabAvailable Now SIGN UP
Tao BeachAvailable Now SIGN UP
Wet RepublicAvailable Now SIGN UP
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