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Intrigue Nightclub
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Intrigue Nightclub At Wynn Las Vegas

After many months of eager anticipation, the latest nightlife experience at Wynn Las Vegas, Intrigue Nightclub opened to the public on April 28th, 2016 in the space of the former Tryst Nightclub. With an all-new bright and playful ambiance, Intrigue provides a dramatic upgrade to a venue layout that will be familiar to fans of it’s predecessor.

Intrigue Nightclub management has been very vocal about wanting to move away from the Superstar DJ being the focal point of the club (a common theme at most Las Vegas venues), but rather to make the club itself the star of the show.

For this reason, expect to see the unexpected from time-to-time. On our first visit, dozens of cocktail waitresses traveled throughout the club handing everyone boxes of pizza. Later in the night, we were ushered into Intrigue’s secret room where photography and social media are a no go (free pizza and no one glued to their phone? We already like this place).


Cover Charge:

$25 – $50 depending on the night.

Nights Open:

10:00p.m. – close, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Average Line:

30 Minutes – 2 Hours, depending on night.

VIP Host:

Contact Johnathan Droubi, Director of VIP Services at Intrigue.

Guest List:

Sign up for Intrigue Nightclub Guest List.


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Insider Tips For Intrigue Nightclub:

HOW TO GET TO THE NIGHTCLUB: While there is no shortage of available signage throughout the casino to help guide you directly to Intrigue Nightclub’s ropes, you will easily find the club just to the right of the main valet entrance at Wynn Las Vegas.

THE SETUP AT THE DOOR: Intrigue Nightclub has a very straight-forward rope setup. Table service customers who are looking for your host, just keep an eye out for anyone holding a clipboard and they will be able to assist you. If you’re visiting the club without a table, make your way to the hosts and security who are standing to the left end of the ropes.

BEST NIGHTS TO GO: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with Wednesday night as their Industry Night event.

DRESS CODE: While the Dress Code is very similar to what you can expect at most any Las Vegas Nightclub (Read More Here), we’d encourage you to step up your game and dress yourself up a bit. It’s a brand new nightclub at one of the nicer hotels on the Strip. It’s a good excuse to look your best!

DRINK PRICES: Mixed Drinks Start at $14, Beers $8, Shots $10.

BOTTLE SERVICE PRICING: Table service pricing varies based on demand and event for the night. Bottles start at $550. For an accurate quote on a bottle service minimum and table pricing, contact a Intrigue VIP Host. To learn more on how Intrigue Nightclub bottle service works, read our complete guide.

BEST TABLE LOCATION: There isn’t really a bad table location at Intrigue Nightclub. It’s more a matter of what you’re looking for. The dance floor tables will be the closest to the most energy in the room, whereas the rest of the tables in venue will be easier for you to navigate in and out of without running into too many people. Additionally, you have the option to be located outside near the fountain, which can be a great alternative to shake things up (assuming the weather is nice, of course).

HIDDEN FEATURES: If you don’t know, then you don’t know. But we’ll tell you about it anyway. Intrigue Nightclub has a hidden “secret” room that you have to be invited into by a host or nightlife executive. Photography and social media are off limits in the room, so don’t expect to Snapchat how cool you are for being in there. The room has private bathrooms, a fully stocked bar, vinyl-only DJs (yes!) and a number of table areas to lounge in.

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Intrigue Las Vegas

Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas


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