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Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Ladies -or- Gentlemen w/ Equal Ladies

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dividerOur Guest List Testimonials:

“Very awesome!! We got to Hyde on Tuesday night and they let us right in with
drink coupons that we used. It was a great night!! We had a blast, there was
lots of security, the bartender was very nice, the DJ was playing great
music and the people there were a mix so it was a sweet night!! Thank you!!“ 

– Jennifer, Texas

Hyde Nightclub Dress Code:

Want a simple tip to stay within dress code at Hyde Nightclub? Just dress like you’re going out! It’s as easy as that. You’re partying at a great club in a fashionable hotel, with other people who made sure to look like they tried.

That doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by their dress code – don’t be, but just remember: dress like you’re going out. For more information, read our complete Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide.


How To Get To Hyde Nightclub:

Hyde Nightclub is located near the main casino floor of Bellagio Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. If arriving via the main entrance (or parking garage), hang a right on the casino floor and follow the wall until you see Hyde Nightclub. If arriving via North Valet, Hyde Nightclub will be to your left on the casino floor.


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