XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, XS is an absolutely gorgeous nightclub. Often considered by many to be one of the “most luxuriously designed nightclubs on earth,” XS continues to win five star rankings and adoration from club goers who enjoy the sprawling dance floor, large accessible patio and pool area, an almost excessively good looking staff, and the implied excitement of stepping through the ropes of one of the most successful nightclubs in history.


Cover Charge:

$30 – $50

Nights Open:

10:30 p.m. – close, Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Average Line:

45 Minutes – 3 Hours, depending on night.

Host Contact:

For table reservations at XS Nightclub, please contact Ryan Perrings directly by e-mail at [email protected], or by phone / text at 505-507-6111.

The Main Room of XS Nightclub (Photo Credit: Barbara Kraft).

View from outdoor tables at XS Nightclub (Photo Credit: Barbara Kraft)


THE SETUP AT THE DOOR: While busy weekends at any popular Las Vegas nightclub are a sort of ‘controlled chaos’ under the best of circumstances, you will find less chaos and more organization of tightly controlled lines near the door of XS Nightclub.

General admission customers should follow direction of the many posted signs, while table customers should follow the direction of the host they have reserved service through.

NAVIGATING THE ROPES: Average wait times are 1 – 3 hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays. 15 – 45 minutes on Sundays. Best to arrive by: 10PM Friday and Saturday (earlier in Summer season), 10:30PM Sunday and Monday. Hotel guests of Wynn or Encore may purchase line passes from hotel concierge.

HOW TO GET TO THE NIGHTCLUB: XS Nightclub is located in the mall that connects Wynn Las Vegas with Encore Las Vegas. If you are lost, simply follow the signs to the opposite hotel and you should run right into it.

BEST NIGHTS TO GO: XS Nightclub is open Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You will find the best looking crowd and, often times, a headlining DJ during XS Nightclub’s Monday night events (check schedule).

DRESS CODE: So that there isn’t any problem getting into the club once at the rope, gentlemen should make sure to wear a collared shirt and / or sport coat to XS Nightclub. Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc). Remember, if you are unsure if something will work or not, play it safe.

DRINK PRICES: Mixed Drinks Start at $15, Beers $8, Shots $8, and Table Service Bottles Begin at $475.

BEST TABLE LOCATION: While dancefloor and mainroom tables are typically considered prime real estate at XS Nightclub, many people also enjoy the freedom and ambiance that come with the open aired tables surrounding the pool just outside of the mainroom dancefloor. Important: As some very in demand table locations may also require a substantial host gratuity, always be very upfront with any questions you may have when you speak to your XS Nightclub host.

WORTH KNOWING: Table and drink prices at XS Nightclub are slightly higher than at other top-tiered Las Vegas nightclubs, with your average cocktail leaning close to the $20 mark [worth noting: cocktail glasses are also nearly twice the size of anywhere else] and table service minimums flanked by the likely need to add in extra gratuity in the $500 to $1,000 range to get a good table on the weekend. Table location typically depends on how much you wish to spend, the time your group is able to arrive by, and the amount of discretionary tips to the host upon arrival.



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Photos courtesy of SpyOnVegas.com.



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