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The Official Guide to Hakkasan Nightclub In Las Vegas

Hakkasan Las Vegas
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Hakkasan Las Vegas At MGM Grand

Experience the megaclub Hakkasan Las Vegas with world famous electronic artists at the helm of the decks.The flagship nightlife namesake for the world’s largest nightlife company, Hakkasan Group, Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM Grand is a sprawling entertainment complex. Hakkasan features well known artists like Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Kaskade. The rest of the resident DJ roster is no less impressive.  

The massive main room at Hakkasan features a 10,000 sq ft club-within-a-club. The Ling Ling Club, where you will find an entirely different sound. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, make your way into the (slightly) more tranquil Ling Ling Lounge. If you’re hungry beforehand, located on the first level next to the main nightclub is the private dining area, Hakkasan, the restaurant which includes ambient sounds scents and lighting creating an intimate and relaxed dining spaces within the main dining area.


Cover Charge:

$30 – $100

Nights Open:

10p.m. – close, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Average Line:

45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on night.

VIP Host:

Contact Dustyn Zenner, Lead host at Hakkasan Las Vegas.

Guest List:

Sign up for free Hakkasan Guest List.Girls comp till 1am. Guys comp till 1am (12am for big DJs). Cover after cut off time 40M/30F (admission prices subject to change based on volume)


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* works directly with every major Las Vegas nightclub. If you would like to inquire about table service or have further questions about Hakkasan Nightclub, simply message them directly by filling out the form below. Click here if you would like to be placed on the complimentary Hakkasan guest list.

*This is a guest list REQUEST. You are NOT confirmed until a Hakkasan VIP host contacts you back with instructions. 


Hakkasan Las Vegas Events:


Insider Tips For Hakkasan Las Vegas:

  • HOW TO GET TO HAKKASAN LAS VEGAS: Hakkasan Nightclub is located at MGM Grand towards the southwest corner of the property, which faces Las Vegas Blvd. That won’t mean much to you if you’re inside the sprawling casino, you’ll be able to easily follow the signs throughout the hotel.
  • WHERE IS HAKKASAN LOCATED: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • WHERE TO PARK: Save yourself the lengthy walk through the casino by simply valeting at Hakkasan’s valet, which will be to the right of valet at the main MGM Grand entrance.
  • NAVIGATING THE ROPES: The entrance to Hakkasan Nightclub can best be described as a well-controlled chaos. You shouldn’t have any problem figuring out where you need to beas there are signs pointing you in the right direction. Table entry will be on the left, with general admission lining up to the right. There are signage for both. Get there early and avoid the masses.
  • BEST NIGHTS TO GO TO HAKKASAN LAS VEGAS: Thursday through Sunday. Friday and Saturday nights will see more headliners. Hakkasan’s Thursday party is notoriously good.
  • DRINK PRICES: Mixed Drinks Start at $17, Beers $8, Shots $10, and Table Service minimums vary based on special events.

Hakkasan Guest List

You won’t have to pay admission if you’re on the Hakkasan Guest List unless you come late. Since the Hakkasan guest list line is usually packed, latecomers often have to pay general admission despite being on the list. It’s a good idea to arrive around the time the club opens (10:30 pm) or earlier. This will ensure entry. You can sign up for the free Hakkasan Guest list here.

Generally speaking, the Hakkasan guest list is reserved for women, though men can get access to the list if they’re coming to the club with a group of women or make sure they are checked in by 12am. Busier weekends like during the summer, the male to female ratio is enforced harder than usual for the Hakkasan guest list.

There are nights when Hakkasan guest list is not available. That is usually a busy fight weekend or holiday weekend. If you happen to be extremely attractive–and are dressed appropriately–you won’t have any difficulty getting on the Hakkasan Guest List. If, in fact, it is a big weekend or holiday night, reaching out to a VIP host in advance is always a good idea to ensure free entry. You can check here for updates to the weekly rules, but for the most part, Hakkasan guest list is usually available for both men and women.

Hakkasan Bottle Service Information:


Table service pricing varies based on demand and event for the night. Bottles start at $550. For an accurate quote on a Hakkasan bottle service minimum and table pricing, use our direct host contact at Hakkasan. Hakkasan Las Vegas boasts a wide variety of bottles for your night out. Everything from wine and champagne to hard liquor is available.

Remember that bottle prices and other offerings are subject to change. To get a good idea of what your evening at Hakkasan Nightclub will cost, it’s important to remember the service/tax/tip fees that you’ll be charged. A good rule of thumb is to add 30% to the bottle service minimum you’ve been quoted. For example, if you’ve been quoted $3500 as a minimum bottle service fee then your final cost will be $3500 plus $1050 for a total of $4550. To learn more on how Hakkasan bottle service works, read our complete guide.


In the Main Room at Hakkasan Nightclub one of the best places to sit is at the stage tables. These booths are larger and often less pricey than a table on the dance floor. While you won’t have a clear view of the light show, you will be right next to the DJ which is always an exciting spot. What’s more, you’ll have access to a bathroom reserved exclusively for this area.

Along with the stage tables and any dance floor table, one of the top places to reserve is one of the owner’s tables though they come at a substantial cost. These tables are available when the owners aren’t using them. Located on an elevated platform between the 2nd and 3rd tiers, these tables provide some of the best views of the club’s action including the dancers, the lighting, the bottle service presentations, and the laser show. See tables numbered 21 and 61 on the map below.

Depending on what part of the venue your table is located will dictate the cost of your minimum bottle service. Below you’ll find a general idea of Hakkasan bottle service pricing based on table location within Hakkasan Nightclub:

  • Ling Ling Lounge $
  • Ling Ling Club (Hip Hop Room) $$
  • Pavillion (off to the side of the Main Room) $$
  • Mezzanine (upper level) $$$
  • Main Room $$$$$

For example, a dance floor table in the Main Room might cost $5000. That means you have to spend at least $5000 on alcohol. Keep in mind that there is no fee for the table you’ll be seated at; the cost is included in the bottle service cost or the amount of alcohol you will be required to purchase.

hakkasan table service

Hakkasan Bottle Service Presentations:

Hakkasan bottle service presentations are truly spectacular and very possibly the best on The Strip. A good bottle service presentation is akin to a special entrance for your chosen bottle of alcohol. At Hakkasan Nightclub, the bottle of your choice will be danced over to your table by a flight of incredibly attractive cocktail waitresses with sparklers shooting from the bottle’s top. Add to that a drum line completely unique to Hakkasan and you’ve got an experience to remember. What’s more, if you’re running up a big tab, your name will be displayed on the jumbo LED for everyone in the club to see.

Hakkasan Las Vegas is all about going above and beyond and that includes the bottle presentations. The club takes requests that can include waitresses in costumes such as pandas, cheerleaders and even ninja turtles. Special bottle presentations are requested for myriad reasons including birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you want your bottle presentation to include your name and photo displayed on the jumbo LED screen, be sure to contact a Hakkasan VIP host in advance.

Hakkasan Nightclub Girl Guys

Another feature unique to Hakkasan Nightclub are the Girl Guys. A Girl Guy is a host that searches the club for the most attractive women to escort over to your table. If you don’t want beautiful women brought to your table it’s not a problem, but if you’re spending a minimum $3000 in bottle service, it’s complimentary. You, of course, have final say as to which women stay to drink with you.

The Girl Guy option is ideal for a table of men looking to meet and party with gorgeous girls looking for free drinks. Everybody is happy.

FINAL NOTE: High demand table locations typically require host gratuity. Be upfront with your host with any questions. Also, it’s important to know that no tip beyond the 30% is required and that this fee will be automatically added to your final bill. If you want to add something extra for the busser or host, there will be a line for that on your final bill and any amount will be appreciated as the 30% is solely for the waitress. While adding something extra is a very nice gesture, it is not necessary. Many people are unaware of the system and end up spending more than they need to.

Hakkasan Floor Plan:

hakkasan las vegas


Hakkasan Nightclub


Hakkasan Dress Code:

To avoid any problems getting into Hakkasan Nightclub, once at the rope, gentlemen should make sure to wear a collared shirt and / or sport coat to Hakkasan. Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc). If you are unsure of something, play it safe.

If there is a Las Vegas club to go all out for it’s Hakkasan Nightclub. One look inside the club and you’ll understand why women tend to wear fancy dresses with heels and men generally wear dress pants and collared shirts. Anything less just isn’t appropriate for the luxurious environment. Some clothing items are not allowed in the club and they include hats, sandals, sneakers, ripped clothing, men’s shorts and athletic wear. No sports team clothing items are permitted whatsoever.

hakkasan dress code

Hakkasan Restaurant

Begin your evening as spectacularly as you end it with dinner at the Hakkasan Restaurant. The atmosphere is heady and the food otherworldly. A couple of favorites include the Chilean Seabass and the Crispy Duck Salad.

One of the additional benefits of dining at Hakkasan Restaurant is that on some nights, your dinner receipt may provide you with free entry to Hakkasan Nightclub. Simply ask your server if free admission is being offered upstairs. If you don’t want to take that chance, sign up for Hakkasan guest list.

Hakkasan Nightclub Tickets

Pre-sale general admission tickets for Hakkasan Nightclub typically cost anywhere from $20-$30 for women and $30-$50 for men. These tickets provide access to the entire Hakkasan property so you can move easily between the Main Room, the Ling Ling Club and the lounge area. You do not need tickets if you are on the Hakkasan guest list.

Re-Entry into Hakkasan Nightclub

Leaving a Vegas nightclub and then coming back in is tricky. Most clubs don’t have an exact answer to the question of whether it can be done and Hakkasan Nightclub is no exception. You may end up standing in line all over again or you simply may not be re-admitted.

Ling Ling Club

The Ling Ling Club (the club’s hip hop room) is located on the third level of Hakkasan Las Vegas. It is a powerhouse environment and one of the top picks for best hip hop clubs on The Strip. The Ling Ling Club encompasses approximately 10,000 square feet and offers an intimate hip hop club atmosphere. To enter the Ling Ling Club, take the elevator to the third floor and turn right.

  • Nights Open: Most Fridays and Saturdays
  • Music: Hip Hop
  • DJs: Local Djs
  • Location: Third level of Hakkasan Las Vegas

hakkasan guest list

The Ling Ling Club offers better deals on bottle service than Hakkasan’s Main Room. Reserving bottle service at the Ling Ling Club can cost a fraction of the price of the Hakkasan Nightclub Main Room. To give you an idea of the savings, on an average Kaskade night, a table in the Ling Ling Club costs between $1000-$1500 while the Main Room can run from $5000-$10000.

The best table locations within the Ling Ling Club are next to or directly behind the DJ. It’s also important to note that the Ling Ling Club boasts two bars so even if you don’t reserve a table you won’t have any trouble getting a delicious libation.

Even though it’s markedly smaller than the Main Room at Hakkasan Nightclub and can’t accommodate as many guests, the Ling Ling Club is uber popular so there’s always a good crowd. Many guests often travel from the EDM insanity upstairs down to the hip hop groove of the Ling Ling Club.

Ling Ling Lounge

The Ling Ling Lounge in the Hakkasan Nightclub is an awesome place to hang out with your friends in an intimate setting rarely experienced on The Strip.

Hakkasan Nightclub Main Room

The fourth level of Hakkasan Las Vegas houses the Main Room as well as the Pavilion. When people refer to Hakkasan Nightclub they’re most likely talking about the Main Room. Here you’ll find hot EDM interspersed with the occasional night of hip hop. The Main Room boasts quite a few spectacular features including the DJ talent which is top notch, unique bottle presentation, a superior sound system, and a giant LED screen surrounding the DJ booth.

If you prefer bottle service, the Main Room at Hakkasan Nightclub boasts oversized VIP tables and is laid out so that almost every table can see the DJ booth and the dance floor. This is one of Hakkasan’s best features and is unique to Hakkasan Nightclub versus other Vegas clubs where the view from the booths and tables is usually partially obstructed.

Pavilion at Hakkasan Las Vegas

One of the best values in Hakkasan are the front row tables in the Pavilion. They provide a great view of all the action in the Main Room at a fraction of the cost of a table in the Main Room–often up to $2000 less. Other tables are available in the Pavilion but be aware that they don’t come with a view.

The atmosphere at Pavilion is intimate and away from the enormous crowds. What’s more, Pavilion has it’s own dance floor and a large bar with short lines. Additionally, it’s close to the restrooms.

hakkasan nightclub

Mezzanine at Hakkasan Las Vegas

The Mezzanine section of Hakkasan Las Vegas is located on the fifth floor of the club. Since it overlooks the Main Room, it’s open whenever the Main Room is open. Once again, since you’re not officially in the Main Room, you’ll find lower bottle service prices–usually $1000 less than the least costly Main Room table.

The Mezzanine offers a more private environment with fewer crowds but with a spectacular view of all the Main Room action. What’s more, the VIP booths are oversized and super comfy. This level also boasts a full bar and restroom.

For uber privacy, the Mezzanine has two semi-private rooms for larger groups. Each of these rooms offers sound control, a customizable LED screen, and a cooler.

Video Of Hakkasan Nightclub:

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