How Do Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists Work?

How Do Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists Work

How Do Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists Work?

Getting into a popular Las Vegas nightclub without paying a cover charge is easier than you think! With a handful of exceptions (holiday weekends, special events), every major Vegas nightclub offers a guest list of some kind on most nights that their open. Learn how Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists here!

How To Get On The Las Vegas Guest List:

Joining a Las Vegas nightclub guest list is as simple as signing up through, because (and you’ll like this) our guest list gets merged directly with the one used at your favorite Las Vegas nightclub’s door!

Seriously. We’re like your direct line, past the line!

Simply give us your name, phone number, e-mail address, and the number of people in your party for the club and event of your choice, and we’ll handle the rest.

You’ll get a text and e-mail confirmation that gives you further instruction (aka: “Arrive by this time” and “wear this”). Easy as that.

What Happens When I Get To The Nightclub?

You’ll need to arrive by the cut off time stated in your confirmation e-mail and text messages (usually between 11:30pm and 1:00am, depending on the club), have proper ID, and be in dress code.

Then you’ll simply make your way to the guest list line. If you don’t see signage (note: usually there is very obvious signage!), just ask any club personnel where to go. Tell them you’re on the “ list” and your name.

Party. Enjoy yourself. Tell everyone you know about our services.

What About The Dress Code:

Read our complete Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide here.

Who Can Join A Las Vegas Nightclub Guest List?

Our Las Vegas nightclub guest lists are available to anyone over the age of 21 who is in dress code.

Most of the nightclubs we work with will comp (meaning: no cover charge) groups of ladies or those who arrive to the door with an even (or better) ratio of guys to girls.

Some, depending on what the offer says on the signup page, will offer discounted cover and

expedited entry to groups of males.  

What Vegas Nightclubs and Pools Can We Sign Up For:

Our list of nightclubs is expanding each week. Currently we work with Light Nightclub, Tao Nightclub,  Marquee Nightclub, Drais Nightclub, Hyde Nightclub, and Chateau Nightclub.

We will soon be adding XS Nightclub, Intrigue Nightclub, Surrender Nightclub, Marquee Dayclub, Tao Beach, Daylight, and Drai’s Beachclub.

If you need access to a venue not currently listed, we can connect you directly with a host at the venue who can take care of your group. Simply e-mail [email protected].

TAO Nightclub
Guest List

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Light Nightclub Guest List
Mandalay Bay
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Marquee Nightclub Guest List
Monday, Friday, Saturday

Drai’s Nightclub Guest List
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Chateau Nightclub Guest List
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Hyde Bellagio
Guest List

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

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