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KAOS Dayclub Las Vegas

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There is no guest list at this time. You must purchase tickets for entry at KAOS Dayclub

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  • Location: The Cromwell Hotel & Casino
  • Days Available: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Learn How Drais Beach Club Guest List Works.

What Is The Cover Charge At KAOS Dayclub?

When you sign up for our guest list you will receive:

  • KOAS Dayclub guest list is available for both men and women.
  • Men must have at least as many women checking in with them to be honored on the guest list. 
  • Women will receive free entrance into the pool.
  • Men will receive either free or discounted entrance into the pool, depending on the event. 
  • Arrive in dress code. And be at least 21 years old with valid ID.
  • Pool management reserves all rights.

If visiting KOAS Dayclub as general admission, men will pay $35 and women pay $25 for entry while having to wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour to enter. For holidays and special events such as 4Th Of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Years Eve, entry is higher, the wait is longer and you will need to purchase tickets. 

KAOS Dayclub Dress Code:

Want a simple tip to stay within dress code at KAOS Dayclub? Just dress like you’re going to a pool! It’s as easy as that. Wear swim attire (bathing suits, bikinis, board shorts, etc) and not street clothes (three piece suits, cargo shorts, etc). 

How To Get To KAOS Dayclub:

KAOS Dayclub is located at the Palms Casino Resort. You’ll easily find the entrance to the pool on the northside of the casino floor, which will be to your left if arriving from the main entrance.

Photos Of KAOS Dayclub:

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