The Complete Guide To Vegas Pool Parties

    Las Vegas pool parties

    Las Vegas Pool Parties:

    Every March to September, there is no shortage of must-visit Las Vegas pool parties on The Strip. Which, if you haven’t been to one before, imagine everything you know to be true about a Las Vegas nightclub, but during the day…and with everyone in considerably less clothing! It is generally the same younger crowd, international headlining DJs, big spenders, hot girls, eager men, the occasional celebrity, and no shortage of free-flowing alcohol – all under the hot desert sun.

    Since not everyone is looking for the same type of pool party, we’ve  broken it all down in as many ways as possible so that you can decide what best fits your taste. If you need any assistance, please contact our free direct pool hosts, post a question in our community discussion boards, e-mail [email protected], or sign up for FREE dayclub guest list.

    • Bare Pool: Located at Mirage, Bare Pool is an intimately sized topless pool that is best for drinks, lounging pool side, enjoying the music, seeing and being seen, and for casually enjoying the pool. Many enjoy Bare because it has all of the same major elements of a pool party, but within a much smaller and less hectic setting.
    • Daylight: Daylight harnesses the latest trend in Las Vegas daylife / nightlife by centering the party around their all star lineup of internationally known residents.
    • Drai’s Beach Club:  Las Vegas’ only rooftop beach club.
    • Encore Beach Club: Encore Beach Club is one of the newest and most luxurious megapool parties on the Las Vegas Strip, and is a frequent home to the world’s most popular DJs and headlining entertainers. If you are looking for one of the biggest and busiest, EBC is an excellent choice. Check out Encore Beach Club on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Cover starts at $30, but can vary depending on the scheduled event. 
    • Liquid: Located at Aria, Liquid is the perfect blend of an intimate-sized venue that still packs a solid pool party punch. You can lounge around and work on your tan if you choose, but you can just as easily splash around, get sprayed with champagne, or dance around by the DJ booth.
    • Rehab: Now in their 8th season, Rehab is considered by most as the pool party that set the stage for all future Las Vegas Pool Parties. Rehab occurs on Sundays from April to September, and is best for those looking for a pool party resembling Spring Break in Cancun. Think sand, lots of trees, plenty of booze, and more college-aged pool goers than at the other venues.
    • Tao Beach: From the geniuses behind Tao and Marquee nightclubs, Tao Beach is another excellent option for those looking to enjoy a smaller, but still high-energy, pool party atmosphere. You can expect to see just as many people partying as you see relaxing under the sun, which makes Tao Beach an excellent choice for those looking for both or something in between.
    • Wet Republic: Featuring multiple pools – including many that are salt water, Wet Republic is one of the most popular Megapools on The Strip and is a frequent home to internationally-renowned DJs, celebrities, and sexy locals. 


    • Sunday: Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club, Marquee Day Club.
    • Monday: Bare Pool (Topless)
    • Tuesday: Not a great day for any pool party.
    • Wednesday Night: Not a great day for any pool party.
    • Thursday: Tao Beach and Liquid.
    • Friday and Saturday: All pool parties are solid options on Fridays and Saturdays, so you should narrow them down using our guides based on what type of party best fits what you are looking for in terms of being the busiest, a megaclub, an intimate party, topless, or more relaxed.


    • Megapools: Encore Beach Club, Daylight, Wet Republic, Marquee Dayclub, and Rehab are all very large-scale, busy, and high-energy pool parties.
    • Medium / Intimate Sized: Liquid, Tao Beach, and Bare Pool.
    • Topless: Bare Pool, Moorea Beach.
    • Party Pools: By their nature, and their name, most all Las Vegas pool parties are party pools.
    • Relaxing: Your hotel pool. Pay attention to the schedules of all other pools as they are slower on certain days of the week;
    • For Older: As always, you are only as old as you feel, and it isn’t uncommon to see people of all ages partying at all Las Vegas pools. For this reason, if you feel that you will be uncomfortable surrounded by a much younger crowd, then you may consider sticking to the hotel pools.


    As we’ve mentioned, all Las Vegas resorts have a pool of some sort, so just because it isn’t mentioned here, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab your towel and spend the afternoon soaking it up. Keep in mind that some hotel pools are reserved only for hotel guests, while others allow for day passes (or, possibly sneaking in). That said, the below hotel pools are the most popular amongst visitors and locals alike:

    • Golden Nugget: Located in Downtown Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget has one of the coolest things of any Las Vegas pool: an acrylic shark tank that you can slide through! We’ve all had a great time or two at the Golden Nugget pool, and this is a great option for those looking for an alternative to the pool party. Go, hang out, and enjoy yourself. Just don’t be too judgmental on the crowd, as they aren’t exactly gracing the covers of any magazines in these parts.
    • Flamingo’s GO Pool: Another great option for those looking for a stress-free option, Flamingo’s GO pool has plenty of bars, free deck chairs, and is typically pretty busy.
    • MGM Grand: MGM Grand’s Hotel Pool is a tropical oasis that features something pretty awesome. Two words, Lazy River!


    Cosmopolitan Marquee Dayclub
    CromwellDrai's Beachclub
    Hard Rock HotelRehab
    Mandalay BayDaylight
    MGM GrandWet Republic
    MirageBare Pool
    Venetian/PalazzoTao Beach
    Wynn/EncoreEncore Beach Club


    What is the difference in a hotel pool and a pool party?

    All Las Vegas resorts have hotel pools, which are generally open to hotel guests of all ages, and don’t tend to have much in the way of music or coordinated entertainment. By contrast, Las Vegas pool parties are almost always managed by the same nightlife teams that run the Las Vegas nightclubs. This meaning you will see much more of a concentration of younger people, celebrities, headlining DJs, and an entertainment experience more in line with what you would find in the nightclub after the sun sets.

    What’s the big difference? Think older hotel guests lounging poolside Vs. plenty of hot girls in bikinis. 

    Can I get in for free if I’m a hotel guest?

    Sometimes. This depends on the pool and if any special events are going on. Refer to our individual guides for more information, and always make a point to speak with your hotel concierge as they can sometimes offer you unlisted accommodations.

    What are the age and dress code requirements?

    All Las Vegas pool parties require guests to be able to prove that they are at least  21 years of age. Dress codes can vary depending on the pool and the time of the season, but the general idea is that you want to dress like you are going to a pool. Doormen typically frown upon sports apparel (jerseys, gym shorts, etc), cargo shorts, and wife beaters. Wear a swimsuit!

    Are there available guest lists for Las Vegas pool parties?

    On normal days, yes, but guest lists are usually reserved for groups of girls, past table clients, friends of friends, and those referred by the hotel. Still, it never hurts to ask. If we have a guest list contact featured for a pool you are interested in, hit them up. The worst they can say is no. But remember, if you are a group of guys, they are definitely going to say no.  

    How does bottle service work at a pool party?

    Most all pool parties, and now many nightclubs, offer purchase minimums rather than the bottle minimums you are used to seeing in the clubs. This means that rather than saying “you can have this area for 3 bottles,” it is instead meaning “you can have this area for the day as long as you spend $1,500.00 in total.” Which gives you the flexibility to purchase food, pitchers, bottles, shots, mixed drinks, and beers. Make sure to visit our free direct host listings to get in touch with a host.