5 Clubs To Find Hot Girls In Vegas

    Best Clubs to find hot girls in Vegas:

    Where can I meet hot girls in Vegas? This is the most common question we get from male readers hands down. Our answer is simple: If truth be told, Las Vegas is girl season year round. Everywhere you look there are beautiful women showing off their toned shapes and tan skin, but some places are more conducive to meeting these girls than others. Below are some of the best nightclubs (and pool parties) to meet hot Las Vegas girls.

    XS Las Vegas

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    Hot girls in Vegas XS

    XS in the Wynn hotel is perhaps the most opulent, luxurious nightclub on The Strip and is generally regarded as the best nightclub in Vegas. With this most revered status, it’s only natural that the women will follow. Beautiful women. (After all, who wouldn’t want to party with the best?)

    While finding hot girls in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as telling someone to “just go to XS,” it’s not far off. To be there when the hot girls are, make sure the Chainsmokers are performing. Be sure and get there early to get a good spot for girl gazing and you’ll agree that XS is one of the best nightclubs in Vegas to meet girls.

    Omnia Las Vegas

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    hot girls in vegas omnia

    Omnia is the new kid on the block located in Caesars Palace in the space that was Pure. It gives XS a run for its money or for it’s gorgeous, hot girls as the case may be. With multi-levels and an outside area located on the roof, Omnia may well be the second best nightclub in Vegas. Once again, beautiful, hot girls like to party with the best and Omnia is up there. Omnia also offers different rooms within the venue; the main room which plays EDM and a hip hop room. Both excellent places to scope hot girls and even Vegas local girls.

    A couple of things to remember about Omnia. If you’re going to be in Vegas during the week, head to Omnia on Tuesday night which is their industry night for all the gorgeous women who cocktail elsewhere. Additionally, if you’re looking for American girls, get there when Calvin Harris is spinning. If European hotties are more your thing, then Tiesto is your man.

    Encore Beach Club

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    Encore Beach Club hot girls in Vegas

    Encore Beach Club or EBC for short is generally regarded as the top dayclub in Sin City. It’s earned this reputation because of the myriad hot girls it attracts on a regular basis. (We’re talking model quality!)

    As it’s name implies, EBC is located at the luxurious Encore hotel and its best days are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Regardless of what DJ is spinning, this bangin’ pool party is always chock full of the most attractive girls in Vegas and that includes Vegas local girls. But there’s a price for this much beauty and it isn’t cheap. Even though EBC is a dayclub, the bottle service prices are more in line with those at a nightclub. (Hey, don’t forget to check out your bottle service waitress. She’ll definitely be a 10!)

    Wet Republic

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    Wet Republic hot girls in Vegas

    Another dayclub at the top of the list? You bet. After all, what could be hotter than wet girls in bikinis? (And this includes your hot bottle service waitress who will also be wearing next to nothing.)

    Wet Republic happens at the MGM Grand hotel and is at its best on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays. This is definitely where you’ll find hot girls in Vegas in all their wet, tanned, glistening glory.

    One word of caution: Wet Republic runs all week long and mid-week can be slim pickings in terms of where to find hot girls in Vegas. Check the calendar for Wet Republic to make sure you’ll be attending on an actual pool party day that will draw a big crowd.  

    For the hottest girls, check out Wet Republic’s Hot 100 every Friday all summer long.

    Lavo Brunch

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    Hot girls in Vegas Lavo Brunch

    Located in the Palazzo hotel, Lavo has hit on a part of the market that was underserved: Daytime during the winter months. It’s open during the pool off-season and offers a delicious brunch combined with a bangin’ club atmosphere. In fact, it’s the only “brunch club” in Las Vegas and other than the Marquee Dayclub Dome, one of two choices for a daytime party in the cooler months.

    Part of the beauty of Lavo is that it offers the energy of a club in a more casual environment. While you can dress up, you don’t have to since a nice jeans and t-shirt outfit is perfectly acceptable.

    Lavo doesn’t just boast some hot women, it boasts lots of them. Let’s face it: Ladies love to brunch. Additionally, almost all the hosts and promoters send their girl groups to Lavo in the winter. (Remember, there aren’t any pool parties in the cooler months with the exception of the Marquee Dayclub Dome.) What’s more, Lavo is a favorite of Vegas local girls.