Our Guest List Users Have Spoken…

How well does our CompGuestList.com work for getting you and your friends into your favorite Las Vegas nightclubs using the guest list? We’ll let them speak for us…

      These guys are legit - found them on a Google Search. Signed up for the Intrigue guest list for myself and my wife on a Saturday night. Arrived at 10:30pm, we were the first few in the club, and our name was on the list (thank god) by the promoter who walked down the line and asked "Are you on the list?" And believe it or not, our name was on it! I didn't get scammed. Even better and I was not expecting this, they comped both of our covers (no entrance fee!) and gave my wife an open bar for an hour. We literally got into the club and I just had 1 beer for $12. Now that's a good night out. You're an idiot if you show up to a club without bottle service or you're not on a guest list. Get on the list!

    thumb Frank Klesitz

      Promised and delivered same. Would recommend my friends to signing up for guest list. Awesome experience!! Thank you

    thumb Subash Ponnam

      Visited hakazzan nightclub last night. Excellent club. Can't wait to go back. Brilliant service from Jack colton

    thumb Ann St leger

      After I received my confirmation that I was on the guest list - the lady at the front couldn't locate my name on the guest list. I said exactly what the confirmation email told me to say to the host and she still didn't see my name listed. After I showed her the confirmation email, she saw "Jack Colton" at the top and needed further approval from management to comp my entry in which he honored it. Something got lost in translation and my name was never on the list (per the check in lady at Jewel).

    thumb Christopher Lee