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Can Groups Of All (or Mostly) Guys Get On Las Vegas Guest Lists?

Can Groups Of All (or Mostly) Guys Get On Las Vegas Guest Lists?

If you’re a group of all (or mostly) guys, unfortunately, you’re going to have a tough time getting in on a Las Vegas nightclub or dayclub guest list as nearly all of the venues require an equal (or better) male-to-female ratio.

It’s their rules, not ours.

Certainly you are welcome to signup in advance and look for groups of girls to join you at check in (or post on our forums to see if any are in town while you are), but please keep in mind that you will have issues at the door if you show up with too many guys.

So what are your options?

Well, you’re still going to have a great time, but we just have to work on getting you in.

  1. You can purchase tickets in advance here.
  2. You can contact a host at the nightclub you’re looking to attend and see how much table service will run for your group. (*When you factor in not paying cover, not having to wait, or paying for drinks at the bar,  sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra).

The good news is, Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs (strip clubs) will happily have you, and they’ll send a limo and waive your cover charge, too!



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