Las Vegas New Year’s Eve 2018 Nightclub Events


New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is without question one of the biggest and baddest parties in the world with tens of thousands in attendance. Las Vegas has created its own unique nightlife extravaganza and each club features major headliners.

If you want to ring in the New Year at one of Vegas’s top nightclubs, here are a few things to keep in mind.


On New Year’s Eve, normal nightclub guest lists are suspended and those wishing to bring in the new year in style are required to buy tickets in advance or pre-sale tickets. It’s one of the few holidays where the clubs require tickets for entrance. Tickets can be purchased online directly from each venue or online from the calendar. We suggest not waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets for two reasons: there’s a good chance the event will sell out, and the ticket prices tend to increase as the date gets closer to December 31st.


What about nightclub table reservations and bottle service for NYE? Like always, the ultimate VIP experience in Las Vegas nightlife is with bottle service. There is no better way to ring in the new year with your family and friends than inside some of the best parties in the world. Keep in mind that prices are likely to be a bit higher on NYE than on normal nights. To book a table, click here to contact a host.

New Years Eve 2018 Nightclub Events:


A common question regarding New Year’s Eve nightclub events is what time to arrive. Because of the ball drop and the subsequent fireworks, the clubs open their doors earlier than usual to make sure everyone gets in before 12 o’clock. We suggest arriving around 9:45pm because the club entrance will start to get extremely crowded around 10:30pm, and you’d rather be inside having a drink and getting the fun started than be outside standing in line.


The New Years Eve fireworks are truly breathtaking and one of the best parts of this holiday in Vegas. If you want a club experience that gives you a great view of this spectacular show you should consider one of the following venues:



Omnia (Patio Terrace)



If ever there was a time to break out your best, a Vegas nightclub on New Year’s Eve is it. You can get all the info on the dress code here, but also know that for this special occasion partiers tend to go a bit dressier. So if you have a new suit or an amazing new dress, feel free to rock it.